Your Jet Pack Is Here (Maybe)


Would you pay $200,000 for an aircraft that could fly for only 10 minutes before you have to stop and refuel? You might, if that aircraft was a James Bond-ish, futuristic jet pack that you can strap on your back and fly. Jet Pack International has been showcasing a working model at sports events around the world, and will start selling a new user-friendly version to the public next year, according to CNNMoney. If you can’t wait, or don’t have a spare 200 grand, Jet Pack CEO Troy Widgery is hiring professional pilots right now, to fly the demos. “It’s a dream job,” he told CNN. He plans to start using a jet pack for his daily five-mile commute starting next summer.

The new consumer model will use standard jet fuel, which would cost only about $20 per flight. The cost will include two weeks of training. Click here for videos showing the jet pack in flight.