Your Own Landing Strip, At Zero Degrees Longitude


If you’re looking for a home with your own runway, this house for sale in the Normandy region of France has it — plus 100 acres of land, nine buildings, a six-hole golf course, stables for 20 horses, and more. And as an added attraction, the grass runway itself, nicely mowed and over 3,000 feet long, is sited right at zero degrees of longitude. According to the current owners, this is “the only place in the world where you can land your airplane exactly on the Greenwich Meridian,” which is not quite precisely so — since the runway is designated as 060/240 and the Meridian runs directly north-south, the landing roll actually intersects the meridian, rather than being aligned with it. But that’s a minor point, considering that besides the convenience of flying in and out, and the pleasures of golf and horseback riding, the new owners of the property will get an aircraft hangar, a caretaker’s house, and a crystal-clear river for swimming and fishing. The property is about 100 miles from Paris and 9 miles from the beach. The airstrip is equipped with an official international license, the owners say, which permits flights directly to and from almost every country in Europe.

All the official airport signals are placed, including two windsocks. The runway is specially designed for airplanes such as the PC12, Cessna Caravan, or TBM 850, and it could be paved “without any problem,” the owners say. Click here for all the details.