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Volume 31, Number 11b, March 12, 2024
Biden Administration Proposes Fivefold Jet Fuel Tax Hike For Bizjets
The Biden administration made good on the President’s State of the Union Address promise to raise taxes on business jet operators by raising the federal tax on jet fuel fivefold over the next five years. The White House’s 2025 budget[…]   Read this article
Self-Censorship Gets In The Way Of Reporting The News
So, when it first popped up on one of the aviation networks that I frequent I decided not to bite on it. The crew of a United 737 MAX 8 misjudged a taxiway turn and collapsed the left main in[…]   Read this article
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'Gauges Went Blank' Before 787's Sudden Loss Of Altitude
Brian Jokat, a passenger onboard a LATAM Airlines 787-9 that had a sudden loss of altitude on Monday, says the captain told him the “gauges went blank” and he was briefly unable to control the airliner. The airline had previously[…] Read this article

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Boeing Whistleblower Death Deemed Suicide
Well-known Boeing critic and whistleblower John Barnett was found shot to death Saturday in Charleston, South Carolina. According to the BBC, the local coroner’s office said the gunshot wound that killed him was “self inflicted” and that police are investigating.[…] Read this article

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NTSB Releases Documents Behind Texas Warbirds Collision
The NTSB has released 1,900 pages of documents that form the backbone of its investigation into the midair collision between a Bell P-63 Kingcobra single-engine fighter and a Boeing B-17 bomber at the Wings Over Dallas Airshow on Nov. 12,[…] Read this article

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