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Volume 31, Number 11e, March 15, 2024
SpaceX Launch - Mission Deemed A Success, Despite Re-Entry Failure
Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship launched successfully at 9:25 a.m. EST today (March 14). But controllers lost contact with the orbital flight about an hour into the mission. At about 10:40 EST, the New York Times reported that SpaceX acknowledged the[…]   Read this article
LATAM 787-9 Upset Inquiry Focused On 'Seat Movement'
Investigators are focused on “flight deck seat movement” in the upset episode involving a LATAM Boeing 787-9 on Monday (March 11). A report published by TAC—The Air Current news outlet—cites information received from “two people briefed on the incident.” The[…]   Read this article
Lightspeed 'Expect more from an ANR headset
Aviation, Labor Groups Oppose New Business Aviation Taxes
Aviation industry and labor groups are pushing back on Biden Administration plans to increase taxes on business aviation. A coalition of the organizations sent a letter today (March 14) opposing the proposed fivefold increase in taxes to Ron Wyden Chairman[…] Read this article

Elixir 'Reduced operating cost 2
Yakkity Yak
You talk too much  You even worry my pet You just talk…  Talk too much       Joe Jones What a nice day to go flying! I had spent an hour or so committing flagrant acts of aviation with my[…] Read this article

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FAA Cites Two Aircraft Operators For Violations
Boeing has the highest profile, but it isn’t the only business entity facing the wrath of the FAA. The agency announced today (March 14) it is proposing a fine of $280,000 on Palm Beach, Florida-based Southern Airways Express and $175,000[…] Read this article

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