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Volume 31, Number 8e, February 23, 2024
UND Report Details Valve Issues Experienced With Swift Fuels 94UL
The University of North Dakota John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences has released a two-page communication concluding that engines that had been operated on Swift Fuels 94UL unleaded fuel experienced more than 128 episodes of recessed valve seats or[…]   Read this article
Hoping For Five Aces, Boeing Reshuffles Top Management Team
Boeing Commercial Aircraft (BCA) has shaken up its top-level management team, and despite adding a new position Vice President of the 737 Max program Ed Clark is leaving the company after 18 years of service. According to an email sent[…]   Read this article
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Veteran Boeing 757-200 Makes Successful Emergency Diversion
Details are still sketchy on a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 flight that diverted for an emergency landing earlier this week after it suffered damage to an inboard leading-edge slat on its right wing. Flight 354 was bound from San Francisco[…] Read this article

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NBAA Pushes Back On 'An Audit In Search Of A Problem'
The National Business Aviation Association is questioning the Internal Revenue’s announcement this week that it plans to begin “dozens” of audits involving U.S. business aircraft use. The association notes that, as with any asset, corporate entities that use business aircraft[…] Read this article

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