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Volume 30, Number 50d, December 14, 2023
Alaska Senators Oppose EPA's 100LL Avgas Endangerment Finding
A report published yesterday (Dec. 12) by Alaska Public Media notes that the state’s legislators are pushing back on the recent EPA endangerment finding on leaded aviation gasoline. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan have filed a resolution to reverse[…]   Read this article
Textron Offers Turnkey Carbon-Offset Program For Turbine Customers
On Monday (Dec. 11), Textron Aviation announced its SustainableAdvantage program. Derived in conjunction with 4AIR, self-described as a “sustainability solutions” provider, the trademarked program is designed to provide aircraft owners with a turnkey program for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Scheduled[…]   Read this article
Tempest 'AeroGuard Induction Air Filters
Southwest Airlines Applauded For Accommodating Plus-Size Passengers
Southwest Airlines says its plus-size customers whose bodies encroach on neighboring seats’ armrests are entitled to an extra seat. According to a report on Fox News Business, Southwest is drawing praise from “passengers of size” on social media for its[…] Read this article

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For The Right Customers, Co-Owning A Jet Makes Perfect Sense
Chicago-based Partners In Aviation (PIA) announced yesterday (Dec. 12) it had completed two co-owner matches under its PIA Managed Co-Ownership program. The plan specializes in linking businesses or individuals who are looking for a co-ownership opportunity with an aircraft. In[…] Read this article

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Treasury Expected To Provide Guidance On Corn-Based SAF This Week
Reuters has reported that the U.S. Treasury will release guidance by the end of this week on the issue of subsidies for using corn-based ethanol for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Producers of corn-based ethanol fuel see aviation applications as one[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Open Wide
Years ago, I was a student pilot on a night flight with my instructor. We flew from Palo Alto across San Francisco Bay and over the hills to Livermore for some touch-and-go landings. After several turns in the pattern, we[…] Read this article

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