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Volume 31, Number 9a, February 26, 2024
California Bill Would Phase Out 100LL Starting In 2026
A pair of California Democratic senators have introduced a bill that would start banning the sale of 100LL at some of its busiest GA airports starting Jan. 1, 2026. The bill, introduced by Sen. Caroline Menjivar and Sen. Henry Stern[…]   Read this article
Guest Blog: Reclaiming The Narrative To Change The Face Of Aviation
Ed. Note: Mireille Goyer is founder and president of the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide, which has marked the anniversary of the issuance of the first pilot certificate to a woman, Raymonde de Laroche, on March 8, 1910, with[…]   Read this article
Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots
Best Of The Web: Classic Lear Jet Foundation
A group of volunteers and some generous sponsors are restoring the first Lear Jet 23 to be delivered to a customer, and Tom Zwemke a retired marketing executive from Cessna created and produced the video as a donation to help[…] Read this article

Bose 'Quiet the noise 2.0
Russia Loses Second A-50
Ukraine officials say their military shot down a second Russian A-50 aerial command and control aircraft in less than a month but there are also reports the plane was downed by friendly fire. Whatever happened, it appears to be confirmed[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Take-off into the world of homebuilt aircraft
EAA Wants Piper Rudder AD Rescinded
EAA is imploring the FAA to reconsider an AD it says would be impossible to achieve and unnecessarily broad in scope. The agency is proposing action that would require replacing the rudders on almost 31,000 legacy high-wing Pipers. “EAA believes[…] Read this article

NORAD Tracks 'Hobbyist' Balloon Over Utah
The Department of Defense said the balloon that was being tracked and intercepted over Utah on Friday was identified as a hobbyist balloon, according to a new report from CBS News. The balloon has since left U.S. airspace and is over the Atlantic[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Readers Split On ASTM Need
A healthy response on the approval process for unleaded avgas was evenly split between those who think ASTM should be required and those who think FAA approval should be enough. Read this article

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