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Volume 31, Number 10e, March 8, 2024
Groups Rap State-Of-The-Union Attack On Business Aviation
President Joe Biden was still shaking hands after his State of the Union speech Thursday when aviation groups started firing responses to a line in the speech about those who operate business jets paying “their fair share” of taxes. In[…]   Read this article
Blog: Cirrus's Fresh Approach Represents A New Pathway To Piloting
Cirrus took its marketing strategy in a new and different direction with January 11’s livestream “reveal” of the new G7 version of the SR-series piston singles. As a “mature” pilot in the process of reestablishing instrument currency, I had mixed[…]   Read this article
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GA-Pilot Eclipse Fans Have A Unique Opportunity
The upcoming April 8 solar eclipse is the kind of phenomenon that seems ideally suited to experiencing with the help of light-aircraft travel. While some large concentrations of the U.S. population won’t have to move to experience the eclipse, many[…] Read this article

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Rep. Sam Graves Seeks Waiver To Remain In Top Committee Position
Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., is requesting a waiver, hoping to retain his position as top Republican on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Now in his sixth year as ranking member on the committee and second year as chairman, Graves[…] Read this article

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United Pauses Pilot Hiring Amid Boeing Delays
United Airlines is the latest carrier to pause pilot hiring, with the company citing ongoing aircraft certification and manufacturing delays with Boeing. In an internal memo seen by CNBC, United addressed its pilots, noting that it will pause new-hire classes[…] Read this article

14th Redbird Migration Cites How Simulation Can Inspire New Pilots
The 13th annual Redbird Migration, sponsored and organized by Texas-based flight-training technology innovator Redbird Flight, concluded yesterday (March 6). The two-day gathering at Houston’s Lone Star Flight Museum provided insights into simulation technology, not only as a training aid for[…] Read this article

Short Final: Numbers Game
During the early days of World War II in the Pacific, the Curtiss P-40 served heroically well, despite its shortcomings against the Japanese Mitsubishi Zero, which was more maneuverable in a dogfight. As the story goes: After one harrowing mission,[…] Read this article

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