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Volume 31, Number 21a, May 20, 2024
California Pilots Urged To Contact Senators Over Leaded Fuel Ban
The Southern California Airspace Users Working Group is calling on its membership to contact their state senators to block a bill that would begin the phaseout of leaded aviation gasoline in 2027 (amended from 2026). As we reported earlier, State[…]   Read this article
Talk Like A Pirate Pilot
Aviation is the Caribbean of the 1700s, and you are fish bait. Savvy? Our local flying club was having its yearly “Talk Like a Pilot Day” cookout at their hangar, and I was invited to give the keynote address. I[…]   Read this article
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Featured Video: A Tribute To Bud Anderson
EAA put together this nice tribute to Brig. Gen. Bud Anderson and his favorite mount during the 2019 AirVenture. Read this article

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NTSB: Rule Violation Contributed To Fatal Midair Collision At EAA AirVenture
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its final report on last year’s fatal midair collision at EAA AirVenture, concluding that the crash occurred when a gyroplane violated event rules by making a prohibited 360-degree turn and collided with a[…] Read this article

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Brig. Gen. Bud Anderson Dies At 102
Triple ace and aviation legend Brig. Gen. C.E. Bud Anderson died Friday at his home in Auburn, California, at the age of 102. Anderson earned 16 kills in the European Theater during the Second World War and The New York[…] Read this article

Bipartisan FAA Reauthorization Act Signed Into Law
President Joe Biden signed the long-awaited bipartisan FAA Reauthorization Act into law on Thursday May 16—funding the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for another five years. After months of several short-term extensions, the $105 billion dollar legislation passed the House on[…] Read this article

Iranian President Believed Killed In Helicopter Crash
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is among at least four passengers who are thought to have been killed in the crash of Bell 212 helicopter in a mountainous area of the country. The crash occurred in rain and fog near the[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Lead Exposure Not Much Concern
Almost three-quarters of respondents said they had no concerns whatsoever about being exposed to lead at the airport. Read this article

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