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Volume 31, Number 22c, May 29, 2024
FAA Certification Director Liu Retiring
The FAA has confirmed that Lirio Liu, the executive director of the Aircraft Certification Service, will retire next month. “Lirio Liu plans to retire from the FAA at the end of June after 33 years with the agency. The FAA[…]   Read this article
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Blog: V-Tail Myths And The Truth, As We Know It, So Far
As the former owner of a vintage V-tail Bonanza, I always pay attention when one of them crashes. Last week’s tragedy in Tennessee drew particularly wide interest for two reasons. It involved an in-flight breakup, and the pilot was a[…] Read this article

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Bell Boosts Jet Assisted Tiltrotor For X-Plane Competition
Bell Textron announced Tuesday that its jet-assisted next generation tiltrotor design has been picked to continue development in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Speed and Runway Independent Technologies (SPRINT) X-Plane program. DARPA will fund the design of an aircraft[…] Read this article

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F-35B Crashes On Ferry Flight To Edwards Air Force Base
CBS is reporting a “developmental model” of an F-35B crashed shortly after takeoff at Albuquerque International Sunport on Tuesday. The pilot flying the aircraft was seriously injured after ejecting from the fighter. He was described as being in stable condition[…] Read this article

Spirit Passengers Told To Prepare For Water Landing
Passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Montego Bay to Fort Lauderdale May 26 were told to “prepare for a water landing,” but the plane landed safely back in Montego Bay. The airline said in a statement to various media[…] Read this article

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