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Volume 31, Number 9e, March 1, 2024
NTSB Notes Oil Pressure Warnings In Challenger Freeway Forced Landing
Oil pressure warning indicators preceded the Feb. 9 crash of a Bombardier Challenger 604, which killed both pilots in a dual engine failure according to a preliminary report from the NTSB. Information retrieved from the flight data recorder revealed the crew received[…]   Read this article
CEO Of The Cockpit: Time To Face The Change
“And these children that you spit on  As they try to change their worlds  Are immune to your consultations  They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.”                           David[…]   Read this article
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Three Finalists Selected As Potential Air Races Host
The Reno Air Racing Association has narrowed the field of contenders for the new host city of National Championship Air Races to Casper, Wyoming; Pueblo, Colorado; and Roswell, New Mexico. The 2023 races were the last to be held in[…] Read this article

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Boeing May Face Criminal Probe
Boeing could face a criminal investigation because of the door plug failure on a 737 MAX in early January. According to CNN, the Justice Department is probing whether the myriad deficiencies discovered in the initial investigations after the mishap violate[…] Read this article

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Southwest Airlines Scales Back Pilot Hiring In 2024
In a memo obtained by AirlineGeeks, low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines announced its plans to suspend pilot hiring for the majority of 2024. According to the memo, the airline plans to pause all new hire classes this year stating, “Based on expected capacity[…] Read this article

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