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Volume 31, Number 23b, June 4, 2024
Chinese 'Ascender' Leaves Moon
China’s Chang’e-6 ascender module blasted off from the surface of the moon late Monday after receiving a container of rocks and soil from the landing module at its landing spot near the moon’s south pole. The ascender went into a[…]   Read this article
Lightspeed 'Fly your way Quiz
Whitecaps On Their Martinis
“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the flight, Good Lord deliver us.” With apologies to Robert Burns. Surf’s Up! My flying partner last week was Jim, a longtime pilot, friend and Piper Aztec[…] Read this article

MCICO 'Chronos Family
Canada Awards $8.1 Billion Military Flight Training Contract
A partnership between two of Canada’s largest aerospace companies has been awarded an $8.1 billion (USD) contract to provide flight training aircraft and infrastructure to the Royal Canadian Air Force for 25 years starting in 2029. SkyAlyne, which is simulator[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Take to the air
Martin Mars 'Experiences' Offered
The owner of the last two flying Martin Mars flying boats is offering a last opportunity for enthusiasts to take the controls of the massive aircraft. Coulson Air Tankers is taking reservations for two Mars “experiences” in the former Navy[…] Read this article

Boeing Unveils Safety Plan Amid FAA Oversight
On Thursday, during a three-hour meeting with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing officials formally presented a detailed plan to resolve the quality and safety problems plaguing the manufacturer. Following the door blowout incident on Jan. 5, the FAA intensified[…] Read this article

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