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Volume 30, Number 52b, December 26, 2023
Class 'Inequity' Fuels Air Rage
A little-known 2016 study by Princeton University researchers is getting attention again for a different take on why airline passengers are so grumpy these days. The study, titled “Physical and Situational Inequality on Airplanes Predicts Air Rage,” confirms what every[…]   Read this article
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737 Comes Within 100 Feet Of Advertising Balloon
Passengers on the left side of a GOL Linhas Areas Boeing 737 MAX got more than they expected for a view when an advertising balloon came within 100 feet of the left wing. Airlive reported the aircraft was in its[…] Read this article

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Russia, Ukraine Trade Tales Of Aircraft Victories
While it’s not clear how the actual air war is going, the war of words between the Ukrainian and Russian air forces would suggest each other’s aircraft are dropping like flies. Last week, the Ukrainians said they shot down three[…] Read this article

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All Survive Crash Of Historic Goose Amphib
All five people aboard suffered only minor injuries in the crash of one of the last Grumman Goose amphibs in commercial service last week. The historic aircraft, operated in daily service off Canada’s west coast by Wilderness Seaplanes, went down[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Feeling Safe
We asked if readers felt safe in the air and despite all the gloomy headlines about incursions, mental health and flight delays, we overwhelmingly are quite comfortable in our element. Read this article

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