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Volume 31, Number 18c, May 1, 2024
'Climate-Smart' Corn-Based SAF Rules Defined
The Biden administration has laid out rules for corn farmers to qualify for subsidies to supply feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The corn is now used to make ethanol, which is added to gasoline, but the move to electric[…]   Read this article
WWI Tactics Take Down Russian Drones
Two weeks after Ukraine used a Light Sport aircraft modified as a kamikaze drone to attack a Russian drone factory, video proof of other outside-the-box tactics emerged this week of two guys in a Yak 52 shooting down a Russian[…] Read this article

Garmin 'Pilot
Partying Pilot Grounded A Day Later, Canceling Flight
A partying pilot who had no alcohol in his system when he reported for his scheduled flight was grounded by Air Japan, forcing cancellation of the flight from Dallas to Tokyo last week. Various reports said the pilot was drinking[…] Read this article

Aviation Consumer 'Take the guesswork out...'
Report Of U.S. Purchase Of Kazakh Jets 'Likely False'
Numerous news outlets in Europe are reporting the U.S. has bought 81 clapped-out Soviet-era fighters and ground attack aircraft from Kazakhstan to send to Ukraine, but Kazakhstan is denying the report. Experts on the politics of the region are now[…] Read this article

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