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Volume 31, Number 16e, April 19, 2024
Airliners Stop 300 Feet Apart At DCA
The FAA is investigating a runway incursion at Washington-Reagan Airport on Thursday in which two airliners were stopped by controllers about 300 feet apart. According to ATC recordings, the Southwest 737 and JetBlue A320 were both following ATC instructions when[…]   Read this article
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DARPA Teaches AI How To Dogfight
The Air Force has pitted a human fighter pilot against artificial intelligence but it won’t say who won. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force’s Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base poured AI into a[…] Read this article

Vulcanair Updates Manufacturing Plans In North Carolina
Italian planemaker Vulcanair says it will begin deliveries from its new manufacturing plant in North Carolina in 2025. Spokesman Mike McMann said the company is also building a parts distribution warehouse at the Elizabethtown complex. At a news conference at[…] Read this article

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Continental Introduces Diesel For Helicopters
Continental Aerospace Technologies has introduced a diesel engine for helicopters at Aero Friedrichschafen in Germany. The CD-170R is expected to be certified in Europe next year. The turbocharged engine puts out 170 horsepower and is direct drive with no gearbox.[…] Read this article

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