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Volume 31, Number 19c, May 8, 2024
Denali In Certification Flight Testing
Textron’s Beechcraft Denali has entered certification flight testing even as Textron makes changes on the fly to the new commuter/cargo platform. The company announced this week that it’s put a total of 2,000 hours on three test articles of the[…]   Read this article
SiriusXM '$400 Receiver rebate
Turkey Flies Indigenous Fighter For Second Time
Turkey flew the prototype of its indigenous “fifth generation” fighter for the second time on Sunday and it stayed in the air for 14 minutes, beating the first flight of the prototype, which took place Feb. 21, by a minute.[…] Read this article

Garmin 'EIS GI 275 Primary
Proud Granny Celebrates First Flight
For 96-year-old Colleen Godard, there’s no expiry date on enthusiasm, especially when it comes to her grandson Ryan. So when the younger Godard earned his pilot’s license near his home in British Columbia earlier this year, he knew who would[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Active pilot's guide to what really matters-your safety
One Seattle-Bound Aircraft Evacuated, Another Diverted
A planeload of Delta passengers left their A321 on slides instead of the jet bridge Monday after a fire started in the front landing gear well. Airport authorities said the fire started after the aircraft was plugged into shore power[…] Read this article

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