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Volume 30, Number 47a, November 20, 2023
College Controller Grads To Skip FAA ATC Academy
The FAA is allowing graduates of college and university air traffic control programs to skip training at its own ATC academy in Oklahoma City and go directly to on-the-job training at ATC facilities. The measure was among a series of[…]   Read this article
Improve Safety By Reducing Training? FAA Addresses Controller Shortage
Well, it seems like a strange strategy for what is ultimately a safety initiative but nothing else has worked so maybe it’s worth a try, provided it’s monitored carefully. A few days after a damning report from the National Airspace[…]   Read this article
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GAMI G100UL In The Tank
How does the only approved (so far) unleaded 100 octane aviation fuel perform in the real world? Just fine as you might expect. You can also read the written report here. Read this article

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Buttonville Airport Destruction Starts Monday
Machinery will move onto one of Canada’s busiest GA airports Monday to begin the destruction of the facility to make way for a warehouse development. Buttonville Airport, just north of Toronto, will officially close on Nov. 30 but the decommissioning[…] Read this article

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SpaceX Says Second Failed Starship Launch An Improvement
SpaceX’s second test flight of its Starship rocket was cut short early Saturday after the spacecraft exploded, but the company noted some major improvements over its first attempt last April. According to The Wall Street Journal, SpaceX lost contact with the[…] Read this article

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This Month In Aviation Consumer: G100UL Flight Trial
Thanks to some technical issues and some rethinking of the concept, we’re proud to offer AVweb subscribers a peek at the exclusive content packed into Aviation Consumer magazine each month. How does a 215-HP Lycoming run on GAMI’s unleaded avgas?[…] Read this article

Flying Media Featured Offer: Track Used Aircraft Price Changes With Aircraft For Sale
In the often-volatile used aircraft market, it can be hard to keep track of prices for individual listings. Now Flying’s Aircraft For Sale classified marketplace does it for you. Read more here.   Read this article

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