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Volume 30, Number 46e, November 17, 2023
FAA-Appointed Panel Lays Blame On Congress For Safety Issues
The National Airspace System Safety Review Team (SRT), an FAA-appointed panel of experts, blames Congress’ “shutdown politics” and inadequate FAA funding for increases in close calls involving air safety. In a report released yesterday (Nov. 15), the panel addressed what[…]   Read this article
New York-Belgium Horse-Transport Flight Ends Tragically
A cargo flight including up to 15 horses turned back after reaching cruise altitude due to a panicked horse breaking loose from its stall in a specially designed cargo container. As posted by an audio recording and flight track on[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Perfect Fit
Vegas-Area Airport Fees Scaled Back, But Not Enough For AOPA
Following backlash from pilots and aviation groups over high special event fees for the upcoming F1 race, Las Vegas’ Clark County has made more parking available and drastically reduced costs for certain general aviation aircraft. In a Nov. 15 press release,[…] Read this article

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Air Force Takes Delivery Of First Boeing T-7A Red Hawk Trainer
Earlier this month, the first Boeing T-7A Red Hawk advanced jet trainer was delivered to Edwards Air Force Base in California. The ensuing flight test program is expected to result in the new aircraft type replacing the Northrop T-38 Talon,[…] Read this article

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