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Volume 31, Number 15g, April 14, 2024
Pilot Departs Aircraft, Damages Tail In Fatal Crash
A pilot who may have been trying to do an in-flight visual inspection of his Bearhawk Patrol’s control surfaces was killed in the process and also doomed the safety pilot he had with him. The NTSB’s final report into the[…]   Read this article
Sun 'n Fun 2024: Innovation And Grit
It was good to be back in Lakeland for Sun ‘n Fun and even better to have been there for the 75-degree sunny days rather than the almost-annual deluge that showed up later in the week. As shows go, it[…]   Read this article
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FAA Fit? Wingman Med Backstops
More and more pilots show up on the AME’s doorstep armed with the wrong or not enough paperwork to pass an FAA medical exam. That could be mean waiting a half year or more for the FAA to issue a[…] Read this article

Tempest 'AeroGuard Induction Filters 2.0
NetJets Pilots Overwhelmingly Approve Revised Contract
After a year of negotiations, NetJets pilots have overwhelmingly agreed to a revised contract. As first reported by Private Jet Card Comparison, the results were disclosed by the NetJets Association of Shared Airline Pilots (NJASAP) Executive Board, citing “record-breaking participation”[…] Read this article

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Alaskan Instructor Wins Martha King Scholarship
A 43-year-old Alaska woman who literally grew up in the aviation business is paying it forward with a company that specializes in mentoring young people from isolated communities in aviation careers. At a news briefing from King Schools at Sun[…] Read this article

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Sun 'n Fun 2024: Bose A30 Headset
It’s been a year since Bose released the flagship redesigned A30 aviation headset, and the Bose booth was just as busy at Sun ‘n Fun 2024 showing the set—many completely happy with their existing A20 model. But a brisk used[…] Read this article

Aircraft Spruce 'SNF 2024
IFR 'The only magazine that speaks your language Wed
Last Week's Poll Results: ATC Is Deteriorating
A clear majority of respondents say air traffic control services are on a downslide. Read this article

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