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Volume 30, Number 52c, December 27, 2023
G-III Disappearance May Have Been Staged
Authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines appear to be treating the disappearance of an older Gulfstream bizjet as staged. The 1981 G-III, which is registered to a Cheyenne, Wyoming company, took off from Canouan Airport in the Grenadines on[…]   Read this article
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China Adds 'Shape Shifting' Cruise Missiles
The Eurasian Times is reporting that China has developed “shape shifting” technology that allows its cruise missiles to switch between being stealthy and appearing to radar as the size of an airliner. The publication says Chinese researchers have created an[…] Read this article

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X-37B To Join Chinese Space Plane In Orbit
The Space Force’s X-37B “space plane” is expected to launch back into orbit from the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday. It will join a similar spacecraft launched by China last week and the pair will become “two of the most[…] Read this article

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Spirit Puts Six-Year-Old On Wrong Plane
A Florida grandmother said Spirit Airlines offered her gas money after her six-year-old grandson Casper ended up on the wrong flight. The little boy, on his first plane trip, was supposed to head from Philadelphia to Fort Myers but ended[…] Read this article

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In Spite Of Everything, We Feel Safe
When you boil it all down, just about every magazine, podcast, video and article about aviation has a single central theme. With the exception of some cool stuff coverage, we’re all about safety and the pursuit thereof. So, I was[…] Read this article

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