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Volume 30, Number 51d, December 21, 2023
'Hop-On' Charter Operator JSX Signs LOIs For 300+ Hybrid-Electric Aircraft
Dallas-area Part 135 operator JSX announced yesterday (Dec. 19) it has signed letters of intent (LOIs) to acquire up to 330 hybrid-electric aircraft from three separate manufacturers. The agreements are for 32 nine-seat aircraft from U.S-based Electra (with options for[…]   Read this article
News Copter Down In New Jersey, Pilot And Photographer Killed
The pilot and photographer aboard a television news helicopter were killed when it crashed in a wooded area of southern New Jersey Tuesday night (Dec. 19). The single-engine Eurocopter AS350B2 went down in the Wharton State Forest, about 30 miles[…]   Read this article
David Clark 'The most comfortable ANR headset
NetJets Pilots And Management Still At Loggerheads
According to a Forbes article published yesterday (Dec. 19), NetJets management and its pilots union remain far apart on contract negotiations. NetJets says it has offered a 52.5% pay increase (cumulatively spread out through 2029), while the pilots representatives claim[…] Read this article

Aspen 'Unwrap the savings
FAA Funding Extension Leads To Calls For Long-Term Reauthorization
The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is pleased that Congress has extended Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding through a second budget extension. But the association repeated its stance that a multiyear authorization is sorely needed. The most recent extension will[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Take to the air
Short Final: Controller/Pilot Telepathy
On a recent trip from the West Coast to the Midwest, I’d just checked in with Center after a couple of sectors in NorCal. A few minutes later, the controller gave us a climb to our final altitude, FL230. Then,[…] Read this article

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