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Volume 31, Number 20e, May 17, 2024
Citizens Group Targets EAGLE Co-Chair And NATA Head Castagna
An organization known as SoCalSFV (Southern California San Fernando Valley) contacted AVweb in advance of concurrent anti-general-aviation protests it had planned for Van Nuys Airport (KVNY) and Long Beach Airport (KLGB) today (May 16). According to the letter, the protests[…]   Read this article
Airlines Sue Transportation Department Over 'Junk Fee' Ban
The U.S. Transportation Department will “vigorously defend” its newly enacted rule against what it calls airlines’ “hidden junk fees.” Last Friday, Airlines for America (A4A), along with American, Delta, United and three other carriers, filed a lawsuit against the Biden[…]   Read this article
EAA Scholarship Flight Program Has Launched 500 Private Pilots
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) announced today its EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship program has now seen 500 recipients complete flight training and earn their private pilot certificates. Founded by James C. and Joan L. Ray, the Ray Foundation enables EAA[…] Read this article

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Patty Wagstaff Stars In Recently Released Apple Vision App
Sporty’s Pilot Shop recently released its Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff app optimized for the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality device. Sporty’s says the app offers pilots and aviation enthusiasts a “safe and engaging pathway to experience the complexities of aerobatic[…] Read this article

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