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Volume 31, Number 15a, April 8, 2024
Southwest 737-800 Flap Damaged On Takeoff From Denver
All the usual authorities are investigating after the inboard flap on the right wing of a Southwest Boeing 737-800 was damaged possibly by a piece of detached engine cowling on takeoff from Denver International Airport on Sunday. Flight 3695 was[…]   Read this article
From The Inside, Things Look Even Worse For Air Traffic Control
I listen to a lot of ATC tapes and the latest was about the flap damage on the Southwest flight at Denver Sunday morning. When pieces fall off an airplane in flight it’s a flat-out, hair-on-fire emergency. Neither the controllers[…]   Read this article
Aircraft Spruce 'SNF 2024
Featured Video: Cross-Country To Mardi Gras
For our Amelia Walsh, getting to Mardi Gras was half the fun with her husband in their Cessna 310. Along the way they stopped in Dallas to pick up a rescue dog to take him to his new home in[…] Read this article

LSA-Based Exploding Drones Used In Attacks On Russia
Ukraine’s latest potent weapon is a homegrown drone that, when it’s not carrying hundreds of pounds of high explosive, has room for two adults and their baggage. The “mass drone attack” conducted against three air bases hundreds of miles inside[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Because staying in control is all that really matters'
NTSB Report: Pilots Give Conflicting Accounts Of 737 MAX 8 Runway Incident
The pilots involved in a United Airlines 737 MAX 8 runway excursion on March 8 gave conflicting accounts of runway conditions, according to a preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The flight crew noted the captain was[…] Read this article

Pilots Battle Torrance Airport Noise Restrictions
In order to appease disgruntled neighbors and minimize noise pollution, the City of Torrance, California, has implemented strict noise abatement procedures for aircraft operators at Torrance Municipal Airport, Zamperini Field (KTOA). New procedures include banning certain noisy aircraft from operating[…] Read this article

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Disrupts Flights At New York Airports
On Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) temporarily grounded flights at Newark and John F. Kennedy International Airports after a 4.8 earthquake rocked the Northeast. The earthquake was the biggest to hit the region in 140 years. According to the United[…] Read this article

New T-Shirt Line Launched By Aeroswag
Aeroswag, an aircraft merch e-commerce provider, rolls out a new t-shirt product line that includes images of nearly 2,000 aircraft, featuring military, general aviation, business aviation, helicopter, airliner, vintage, and even UAVs.  “As a pilot and avgeek, trying to find[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Status Quo For GA With FAA
Only about a third of respondents believe the pressure the FAA is under over Boeing will trickle down to GA issues and the same number believe it will have no effect. Read this article

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