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Volume 31, Number 6e, February 9, 2024
All Five Aboard USMC Helicopter Confirmed Dead
All five U.S. Marines onboard a crashed CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter are confirmed dead, according to a USMC news release today (Feb. 8). The helicopter departed on what is described as part of a training mission from Creech Air Force[…]   Read this article
Signature Initiates Measures To Defeat Human Trafficking
Global FBO network Signature Flight Support announced today it is working to combat human trafficking. Saying Signature’s position in the industry provides a “unique opportunity to help combat human trafficking,” company CEO Tony Lefebvre said, “The International Organization for Migration[…]   Read this article
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Finnair Asks Passengers To Step Up In A Three-Month Weight Study
If your travel plans included a trip on Finland’s flag carrier Finnair, you just might get a complimentary weight check at the gate—not for your carry-on bag, for you. The weight check is voluntary and a part of a three-month[…] Read this article

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Daher Updates Its Five-Year Business Master Plan
French aircraft manufacturer Daher laid out its five-year “Take Off 2027” strategic plan, saying its revenues of 1.65 billion euros in 2023 have launched the program on a good course. The end game is to become “a large, profitable international[…] Read this article

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