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Volume 30, Number 50c, December 13, 2023
All 737NGs Need Nacelle Retrofit
The FAA has proposed an AD that will require all 6,000 Boeing 737NG aircraft in service in the U.S. to be retrofitted with beefed-up engine nacelles. The AD was issued after a couple of fan blade failure incidents on Southwest[…]   Read this article
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Video Of The Week: The Ultimate Paper Airplane
We’ve all made paper airplanes but nothing like this. The video is from Wired. Read this article

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Canada Barely Passes ICAO Audit
Canadian airlines and the country’s regulator are defending aviation safety in the country after the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) gave Canada a C in its implementation of international safety standards. The confidential report, obtained by the Canadian Press news[…] Read this article

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Strange STOL Research Aircraft For Sale
An oddball piece of aerospace research history is up for auction by the General Services Administration. NASA’s Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft is being sold as is from the ramp at NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Federal Airfield in California.[…] Read this article

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Former American CEO Launches Pilot Recruitment Charity
Former American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and his wife Gwen have launched a nonprofit dedicated to addressing the pilot shortage by attracting women and people of color to the profession. Parker told NBC/DFW that Breaking Down Barriers will target young[…] Read this article

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