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Volume 31, Number 23a, June 3, 2024
FAA Amends Mental Health Evaluation Criteria For Pilots
A history of no more than two mental health diagnoses no longer requires automatic review by the FAA for any class of pilot certificate as long as certain criteria are met. The agency has revised its guidance to AMEs on[…]   Read this article
Whitecaps On Their Martinis
“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the flight, Good Lord deliver us.” With apologies to Robert Burns. Surf’s Up! My flying partner last week was Jim, a longtime pilot, friend and Piper Aztec[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Super 18 Jump
Dr. Bill Runyon’s impeccably maintained Beech Super 18 is the star of this skydiving video featuring the All Veteran Group. Very nice video by Films, Stills & Co. Read this article

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China Lands Probe On Moon
China has successfully landed a probe on the back side of the moon, and it intends to bring part of it back to Earth with a load of rocks. The Chang’e-6 lander landed in the Aitken Basin near the South[…] Read this article

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Boeing's Starliner Scrubbed Minutes Before Launch (Updated) 
Just four minutes before liftoff, the launch of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner capsule was once again scrubbed due to a “technical issue.” A retry was possible as early as Sunday, but NASA announced late Saturday that it was pushing the next[…] Read this article

FAA Greenlights Amazon Drone Delivery Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Amazon’s Prime Air drone program permission to conduct flights “beyond visual line of sight” (BVLOS), allowing the company to scale its drone delivery operation. To obtain the BVLOS approval, Amazon said it conducted[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Question: No Beards For Air Force
The majority of respondents said no to the idea of facial hair in the Air Force. Only 13% supported it unconditionally. Read this article

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