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Volume 31, Number 22a, May 27, 2024
Close Forced Landing Caught On Video
Decision making, airmanship and maybe a little luck led to the best possible outcome for a pilot and passenger at an airport in Sydney, Australia. The Cessna 210 had just taken off from Bankstown Airport in Sydney’s southwest corner when[…]   Read this article
Blog: V-Tail Myths And The Truth, As We Know It, So Far
As the former owner of a vintage V-tail Bonanza, I always pay attention when one of them crashes. Last week’s tragedy in Tennessee drew particularly wide interest for two reasons. It involved an in-flight breakup, and the pilot was a[…]   Read this article
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Featured Video: Landing In Leadville
Come along with us for a flight to Leadville, Colorado, otherwise known as North America’s highest airport. LXV sits at 9,934 feet and is bordered by numerous 14ers (mountains topping 14,000 feet). Read this article

RAF Pilot Dies In Spitfire Crash
Likely for the first time in decades, an active-duty Royal Air Force pilot died in the crash of a Spitfire on Saturday. Squadron Leader Mark Long was taking part in a display by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at[…] Read this article

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Facial Hair Freedom: A Potential Policy Shift For Military Members
Airmen and Space Force Guardians may soon be able to grow beards under a proposed pilot program introduced by the House Armed Services Committee this week. According to, the proposal is one of the most requested policy changes among[…] Read this article

And The Winning National Championship Air Racing Host City Is...
The decision is in, and the winning contender to host the National Championship Air Races is … Roswell, New Mexico. The Reno Air Racing Association (perhaps they chose Roswell partly so they wouldn’t have to change their ‘RARA’ acronym?) announced[…] Read this article

City Cleared To Begin Phasing Out Banning Municipal Airport
An amendment attached to the recently passed FAA Reauthorization Act releases the city of Banning, California, from its obligation to keep its city-owned airport in operation, opening the door to begin phasing the airport out. The non-tower facility, roughly 10[…] Read this article

Pilot, Skydivers Bail Out Of Damaged Jump Plane
All seven people aboard a turbine-powered Cessna 206 safely parachuted from a skydiving plane in Missouri on Saturday. The modified Cessna Super Skywagon, with a 550-horsepower Pratt & Whitney turboprop, was at 14,000 feet over Butler County when a “premature[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Proficiency First
More than half of respondents say they make it a point to stay sharp. Read this article

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