Volume 31, Number 116b, April 16, 2024
Swift Recommends Limiting Peak Or Lean Of Peak Operations With 94UL For Now
Swift Fuels is recommending pilots using its UL94 unleaded avgas adjust operation of their engines until the precise cause of dramatic valve seat recession in Piper Archers flown by the University of North Dakota is determined. Last week Lycoming, which[…]   Read this article
MCICO 'Max Power
Sun 'n Fun 2024: Innovation And Grit
It was good to be back in Lakeland for Sun ‘n Fun and even better to have been there for the 75-degree sunny days rather than the almost-annual deluge that showed up later in the week. As shows go, it[…] Read this article

SiriusXM '$400 Receiver rebate
Pilot Sues Over Dominican Drug Ordeal
A pilot snared in an apparent drug smuggling scheme is suing the Canadian government and his former airline for $16 million. Rob DiVenanzo alleges government officials and police suspected their flight was being used to fly $25 million worth of[…] Read this article

Avemco 'Renter's insurance...
Lear Races Westward Around The World in 67 Hours, 28 Minutes
A crew of five flew a Global Jet Care Lear 36A westward around the world in 67 hours and 28 minutes of flight time, setting an unofficial record in the process. “Since there isn’t a record for this route, it[…] Read this article

Aviation Consumer 'Take the guesswork out...'
NTSB Urges Better Prop Inspections
After investigating a few aluminum propeller failures, the NTSB has issued a Safety Alert and it’s particularly addressing backcountry pilots. “Aluminum propeller blades can be susceptible to fatigue cracking and fracture if a small nick, pit, or corrosion on the[…] Read this article

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