FMG Find A Pilot
Volume 31, Number 23c, June 5, 2024
No Certificated Pilots Aboard Taylorcraft That Crashed In Alaska
Neither man aboard a Taylorcraft BC-12D that crashed in Six Mile Lake in southern Alaska May 17 had a pilot certificate, and authorities have found no evidence that they ever did according to the NTSB’s preliminary report. The aircraft took[…]   Read this article
Tempest 'AeroGuard Induction Filters 2.0
Glider Pilot Bails Out, Dies After Parachute Fails
Canadian authorities are investigating the death of a glider pilot whose parachute failed after he bailed out of the aircraft while competing in the Canadian National Soaring Championships. Kerry Stevenson, 65, of Calgary, was flying near there May 29 when[…] Read this article

Garmin 'EIS GI 275 Primary
Passengers Awarded $2,000 For Flight Delay, Airline Takes Them To Court
Air Canada says it has no choice but to take two customers to court to fight a $2,000 award they received from a government agency that adjudicates airline complaints. Last November, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) ordered Air Canada to[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Because staying in control is all that really matters'
Jury Awards Zunum $81 Million In Boeing Suit
A federal court jury has awarded failed electric aircraft startup Zunum $81 million in a suit against Boeing, finding the aerospace giant stole Zunum’s technology and then conspired to put it out of business. The Seattle Times is reporting the[…] Read this article

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