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Volume 31, Number 12b, March 19, 2024
FAA Readies For PAFI Unleaded Fuel Tests
The FAA says engine cell testing of one of three contenders actively being considered as a replacement for 100LL avgas will begin later this year at the agency’s William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City. In a statement to[…]   Read this article
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Putting A Face To The Perils Of Space Flight
As you can imagine, we get a lot of email here at AVweb and it’s frankly overwhelming. Over the years I’ve learned to discern the potentially fruitful communications in terms of newsworthiness, and I open and read them carefully. The[…] Read this article

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Massive Aircraft Designed To Carry Wind Turbine Blades
A Colorado company is planning to build the world’s largest airplane to allow a major advance in green energy. Radia wants to build a 356-foot-long four-engine jet to carry wind turbine blades. The WindRunner would deliver the 320-foot blades to[…] Read this article

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Astronaut Thomas Stafford Dies At 93
Gen. Tom Stafford, who helped bring Cold War enemies together in cooperation 140 miles above the Earth, died in a retirement home near Cape Canaveral on Monday at the age of 93. Stafford was the commander of an American capsule[…] Read this article

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Booking Tool Allows Passengers To Opt Out Of Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft
With whistleblower revelations and amassing safety incidents plaguing Boeing’s aircraft fleet, some travelers are taking the “If it’s Boeing, I’m not going” phrase to heart. Alternative Airlines, a booking tool, now allows anxious travelers to seek out routes and carriers[…] Read this article

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