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Volume 31, Number 14a, April 1, 2024
ALPA, Industry Say Pilot Supply Is Stable
A new release from the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) notes that the U.S. pilot supply is stable with more than11,000 pilots certified in the past 12 months. ALPA highlighted recently released FAA pilot-production data, indicating that the U.S. is[…]   Read this article
Enforcement Action Against Wing Walking Business Goes Over The Top
One of the hazards of this job is inadvertently becoming a poser. It’s easy to appear more knowledgeable about topics on which you have no direct experience so the golden rule is to attribute every fact to a credible source.[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Alaska Ice Landing
A lot of factors have to line up to create the kinds of conditions Marshall Severson enjoyed when he took a trip to the toe of Knik Glacier in south central Alaska in mid-February in his 172. Read this article

FAA Grounds Wing Walking Company; Owner Faces Heavy Penalties
The FAA has barred a wing walking company from conducting flights and revoked the owner’s pilot certificate, deeming the operation unsafe and reckless, according to a report from The Seattle Times. Mason Wing Walking, based in Sequim, Washington, in the[…] Read this article

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Gulfstream G700 Earns FAA Certification
Gulfstream Aerospace announced March 29 it has earned FAA certification of its G700 business jet, marking the beginning of customer deliveries.   The certification makes the G700 the largest business aircraft that Gulfstream has ever made and the fastest that[…] Read this article

Emirates A380 Damaged In Moscow
Emirates is in a tough scrape after one of its A380s got grounded in Moscow in a ramp accident last week. The airline confirmed the Super Jumbo was taken out of service after a service truck “made contact” with the[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Aviation A Good Career Choice
A clear majority of respondents said they would advise young people to pursue aviation careers. In fact, only 11% said they would recommend they steer clear of the industry. Read this article

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