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Volume 31, Number 22e, May 31, 2024
FAA Issues Airworthiness Directive For Certain Piper Aircraft Models
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a new Airworthiness Directive (AD) for specific Piper aircraft models after an unscheduled inspection, prompted by a ground collision with an automobile, revealed a double-drilled bolt hole in the rear wing spar attachment fitting.[…]   Read this article
Collins Fields A High-Tech Airport Surface Awareness System
Collins Aerospace is addressing the issue of airport incursion incidents with its Collins Airport Surface Awareness System. Airport incursions, by definition, can occur on runways, taxiways, baggage-loading areas—anywhere two vehicles of any type can potentially collide. Of course, aircraft runway[…]   Read this article
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ForeFlight Teams With Breakthrough Energy On Contrail-Buster Product
Boeing-owned flight-planning company ForeFlight announced this week it has entered a collaboration with climate and clean-energy group Breakthrough Energy (BE) to develop and produce “advanced tools” to enable business aviation operators to avoid producing contrails. The overall goal is to[…] Read this article

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Blog: Remembrances Of Triple-Ace Bud Anderson
The recent passing of triple-ace Bud Anderson at the well-earned age of 102 stirred up some happy memories along with the inevitable twinge of sadness. I met Bud on several occasions (the accompanying selfie was taken at AirVenture’s Fightertown in[…] Read this article

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