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Volume 31, Number 14c, April 3, 2024
Two Off-Airport Pedestrians Injured By Aircraft Attempting To Land
It’s highly unusual for people on the ground to be injured by an airplane crash or emergency landing. But it does happen. Yesterday (April 1), two pedestrians on a walking trail less than a half-mile from the Delaware County Regional[…]   Read this article
Illinois Airport Rises Up After Devastating Tornado
Local news outlets are featuring the recovery efforts of Crawford County Airport (KRSV) in Robinson, Illinois, after an EF-3 tornado “completely destroyed” the facility a little over a year ago. Parts of airplanes and airport materials were found as far[…]   Read this article
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Going Boeing
Non-pilots may be hard to deal with, but we all must interact with them from time to time, and this was my time. I was pickleballing at the local pickleballing venue with a group of tottering and doddering old friends.[…] Read this article

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Europe's Biggest GA Show To Host Career Opportunity
AERO, the premier European general aviation trade show, will include AERO Career Days, providing an opportunity for young people to discover diverse career opportunities within the GA industry. The 30th anniversary AERO event runs from April 17 – 20 in[…] Read this article

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North Carolina Sullenberger Museum To Reopen On June 1
The Sullenberger Aviation Museum, named for “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot C.B. “Sully” Sullenberger, will reopen its doors on June 1 in Charlotte, North Carolina, following a substantial redevelopment effort. Sullenberger will be in attendance for the ceremonies. The museum’s[…] Read this article

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