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Volume 31, Number 20b, May 14, 2024
Showboating Fighter Pilot Dies After Botched Roll
Bangladeshi air force Squadron Leader Muhammed Asim Jawad died and his back-seater, his boss Wing Commander Sohan Hasan Khan, is in critical condition after the aircraft lost altitude during a series of aileron rolls and skipped off the side of[…]   Read this article
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Light Sport Drones Strike 800 Miles Inside Russia
Ukraine has extended the reach of its Light Sport drone program, this time striking 800 miles inside Russia to damage an oil refinery. The Aeroprakt A-22 completed the mission on May 9, and it would appear the program has expanded[…] Read this article

A California Mom May Tip The Fuel Battle Scales
In all the teeth-gnashing about the rocky road to a universal unleaded aviation gasoline, there’s a background theme that I’ve been trying to get across that tends to be drowned out by the technical issues and politics of the issue.[…] Read this article

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Used 747-8s Likely Next Command And Control Aircraft
A couple of weeks after it secured a $13 billion contract to supply the Air Force’s replacement for the E-4B Nightwatch airborne command and control aircraft, Sierra Nevada Corporation bought five Boeing 747-8s from Korean Airlines for about $135 million[…] Read this article

Unjammable 'Quantum Navigation' Tested in U.K.
U.S. tech firm Infleqtion has test flown a new unjammable quantum navigation system that doesn’t rely on external signals to determine aircraft position. The system uses an atomic clock and “ultra-cold-atom-based quantum system” that detects changes in motion of the[…] Read this article

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