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Volume 30, Number 52a, December 25, 2023
Southwest Fined $140 Million For 2022 Holiday 'Meltdown'
BBC reported the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has fined Southwest Airlines a whopping $140 million for last year’s holiday meltdown that canceled roughly 17,000 flights and stranded more than 2 million passengers.  The media outlet noted the penalty imposed on Southwest[…]   Read this article
In Spite Of Everything, We Feel Safe
When you boil it all down, just about every magazine, podcast, video and article about aviation has a single central theme. With the exception of some cool stuff coverage, we’re all about safety and the pursuit thereof. So, I was[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Holiday ATIS
It sucks to work on Christmas Eve, even in paradise, but controllers in Hawaii injected some levity into the 24/7 reality of keeping everyone flying. Read this article

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FAA Panel To Study Controller Fatigue
This week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) introduced a panel of experts tasked with investigating air traffic controller fatigue as the agency works to improve aviation safety in the wake of several close calls at U.S. airports.  Mark Rosekind, former National Transportation[…] Read this article

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Qatar Airlines Bans YouTuber After Tough Review
Aviation YouTuber Josh Cahill says he was banned from flying with Qatar Airways after posting an unfavorable review of the flagship airline.   Known for his aviation content and unbiased airline reviews, Cahill has garnered a following of 655,000 YouTube[…] Read this article

'Pardo's Push' Pilot Dies
Bob Pardo, the fighter pilot behind one of the best known—and for decades officially least recognized—aviation exploits of the Vietnam war died in a hospital in College Station, Texas, from lung cancer complications in early December. He was 89. According[…] Read this article

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