Volume 31, Number 19b, May 7, 2024
Starliner Crewed Launch Scrubbed
A valve issue caused NASA to scrub the first crewed launch of the Boeing Starliner capsule on Monday. The problem with the relief valve on the upper stage of the Atlas rocket was detected about two hours before the scheduled[…]   Read this article
MCICO 'Max Power
Java Jive
It was a cool morning at the airport, and I had just exited the FBO lounge to walk onto the ramp. My left hand held the keys to my hangar’s door, and my right hand cradled a three-quarter-full cup of[…] Read this article

Vickers Planning For 2025 U.S. Delivery (Corrected)
New Zealand-based Vickers Aircraft Company says it intends to make its first delivery of the WAVE two-place amphibious aircraft to a U.S. customer in April of 2025. Founder Paul Vickers said the company is now raising capital to fund the[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Take-off into the world of homebuilt aircraft
Alabama Northeast Regional Airport Decommissioning Crosswind Runway
The Northeast Alabama Regional Airport (KGAD), also known as Gadsden Airport, is the latest airfield to vote on decommissioning its crosswind runway. On Tuesday, the City Council approved the Gadsden Airport Authority‚Äôs earlier decision to decommission Runway 18-36. Given the[…] Read this article

FAA Issues Warning On Potential Wing Cracks In Revo Inc. Amphibious Aircraft
The Federal Aviation Administration issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) concerning potential cracks in the wing structures of certain aircraft manufactured by Revo Inc., including various Lake and Colonial amphibious models. The bulletin specifically addresses concerns regarding cracks in[…] Read this article

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