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Volume 31, Number 16c, April 17, 2024
Marine Aviator Of The Year A Drone Pilot
The Marine Corps’ top pilot for 2024 never leaves the ground. For the first time, a drone pilot, Maj. Shane Gentry, has been named the Corps’ Marine Aviator of the Year. He was also named recipient of the Alfred A.[…]   Read this article
Whistleblower Wants 787 Fleet Grounded
A Boeing engineer and whistleblower is calling for the grounding of all the more than 1,000 Boeing 787s for an issue Boeing says has been addressed and signed off on by the FAA. In an exclusive interview tonight on NBC[…] Read this article

Whelen 'Orion 360
American Pilots See Spike In Maintenance Issues
While all the attention seems to have been on United Airlines, American pilots say they, too, are seeing a lot more maintenance issues since the airline reduced routine inspections. The Allied Pilots Association sent an email to its members over[…] Read this article

Garmin 'Databases
Grassley Says FAA Loopholes Aid Drug Runners
According to GlobalAir, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is calling on the FAA to tighten up aircraft registration to prevent drug cartels from using N-registered planes to move drugs. Grassley, who’s co-chair of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, issued[…] Read this article

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