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Volume 31, Number 8c, February 21, 2024
Environmental Group Says California FBOs Will Be Able To Continue Selling 100LL
The lawyer for a California environmental group says a court settlement that will mandate the sale of G100UL avgas will not necessarily prevent FBOs from also selling 100LL. Mark Todzo, who represents the Center for Environmental Health, clarified part of[…]   Read this article
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Continental Hacked
Continental Aerospace is under a cyberattack and it has affected its operations in Alabama. The company posted the following notice on its website: Continental┬« US operations were recently impacted by a cyber incident affecting daily Operations based in Alabama. Continental┬« is actively[…] Read this article

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Featured Video: Flying Unleaded
Aviation Consumer’s Rick Durden logged 3.3 hours on AOPA’s Beech C55 Baron burning G100UL on one engine and 100LL on the other. Other than slightly better performance from the engine on unleaded, it was a non-event. Durden and Aviation Consumer[…] Read this article

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Mike Busch To Probe Unleaded Fuel Valve Issues
Savvy Aviation master mechanic Mike Busch is questioning the methodology of tests done by the University of North Dakota that resulted in it abandoning the use of Swift 94UL and going back to 100LL in its training fleet. The school[…] Read this article

FAA Adopts Carbon Limits For Airliners
The FAA has issued a final rule that will require most larger aircraft built after Jan. 1, 2028, to meet new efficiency standards designed to reduce their carbon emissions per passenger mile. The new rule will cover all subsonic jets[…] Read this article

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