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Volume 31, Number 8a, February 19, 2024
California FBOs Told To Start Selling G100UL When It's 'Commercially Available' (Updated)
Lawyers for a California environmental group say most if not all FBOs in California will be required to offer 100LL with General Aviation Modifications Inc.’s (GAMI’s) G100UL starting in the first half of 2024 thanks to a nine-year-old court ruling.[…]   Read this article
Swift Fuels Raps Environmentalists' 'Ultimatum' On Unleaded Fuel
Swift Fuels CEO Chris D’Acosta says a legal threat against California FBOs to sell a new-to-the-market unleaded 100-octane fuel is based on the premise that G100UL, developed by General Aviation Modifications Inc., will soon be commercially available, something he says is[…]   Read this article
Bose 'Quiet the noise 2.0
Avgas Issue Comes To A Head And It's About Time
We attend so many different types of events at AirVenture that my colleagues and I have learned to never be surprised at what one might yield. Some of the most seemingly insignificant events have resulted in some of the best[…] Read this article

Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots
Best Of The Web: First Solo
There are plenty of first solo videos out there but Sling Pilot Academy did a particularly good job of chronicling this student’s big day. Read this article

IFR 'The only magazine...
Van's Exceeds Reorder Goal Thanks To 'Overwhelming Response'
Van’s Aircraft says customer support in the aftermath of its bankruptcy filing two months ago has been stronger than predicted and the company is getting back to normal business operations. As first reported by our sister publication KITPLANES, in a[…] Read this article

Aviation Groups, Skydivers Oppose Part Of Reauthorization Bill
A contentious section of the latest version of the FAA Reauthorization bill has survived the Senate markup and seven organizations have written Congress urging it be scrapped at the conference committee stage. The Air Tour and Sport Parachuting Safety Act[…] Read this article

Neighbors Cite Lead In Bid To Close Boulder Airport
A campaign to decommission Boulder Municipal Airport (KBDU) in favor of a new, mixed-use neighborhood has begun circulating online.  Petition advocates say the airport’s 179 acres of land could much better serve the community as a mixed-use neighborhood rather than what it[…] Read this article

Set Jet Folds Suddenly
Arizona-based hop-on charter Set Jet suddenly ceased operations Friday saying it ran out of money after several delays in issuing a SPAC IPO. The company had 2900 members who paid as little as $99 a month and could get seats[…] Read this article

Last Week's Poll Results: Keep Aircraft Tracks In Plain View
More than half of a healthy number of respondents were in favor of letting airplane trackers do their thing. Read this article

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