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Volume 30, Number 51c, December 20, 2023
Most Van's Customers Agree To Price Increases
About 60 percent of the first Van’s Aircraft customers contacted have immediately agreed to continue with their orders despite an average 32 percent price increase and reduced flexibility in customizing their aircraft. At a bankruptcy court hearing into the company’s[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Upgrade Time!
Garmin 'GI 275 EIS
Southwest Pilots May Vote On New Contract
Negotiators for Southwest’s pilots’ union say they reached a tentative deal to end protracted negotiations with the country’s fourth-largest carrier. Reuters is reporting the agreement in principle was reached on Tuesday and must now be reviewed by the Southwest Airlines[…] Read this article

MCICO 'Max Power
Canada Rebuilds Air Force
Canada continued a buying spree of new military aircraft on Tuesday with the announcement it’s acquiring 11 MQ-9 Reaper drones and all the associated gear from General Atomics for about $2 billion. The Reapers will be armed and will be[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Active pilot's guide to what really matters-your safety
Early Ice Fishing Bid Dunks 172
A Minnesota pilot is paying a hefty price for pushing the season. According to the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office the pilot landed a Cessna 172 on Upper Red Lake on the morning of Dec. 19 and the plane went through[…] Read this article

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