David Clark 'The most comfortable ANR headset
Volume 30, Number 49c, December 6, 2023
Van's Customers Must Accept Higher Prices Or Risk Losing Deposits
About 1,500 customers who have put deposits on a total of 3,500 orders for airplane kits, parts and complete aircraft at Van’s Aircraft will have until Jan. 15, 2024, to accept price increases or risk losing their deposits. As part[…]   Read this article
Pilot In Fire Extinguisher Incident Facing Misdemeanor Charges
An off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot who tried to set off the fire suppression system on a company E175 in flight will face misdemeanor charges in Oregon for the widely publicized incident. He’s also likely to be released from custody to[…]   Read this article
Junkers Aircraft 'Flying in its most beautiful form
How New England Air Museum Restores Aircraft
Most people only see the public areas of flight museums and wonder how all that historic beauty and precision is created and maintained. Aviation Consumer Editor-in-Chief Larry Anglisano got to see where the real magic happens at the New England[…] Read this article

Garmin 'Holiday
FAA Mental Health Committee Formed
A day before the NTSB will hold a daylong meeting on pilot mental health issues, the FAA announced the creation of its new rulemaking committee on the same topic. The Mental Health and Aviation Medical Clearances Aviation Rulemaking Committee was[…] Read this article

MCICO 'Max Power
Boeing Out Of Doomsday Plane Competition
Boeing says it’s opting out of a multibillion-dollar competition to build the Air Force’s next “Doomsday Plane” because it can’t afford to risk losing money on it. Reuters reported that the company and the Air Force failed to come to[…] Read this article

Kitplanes 'Discover the exciting world
Snowbirds Return To AirVenture
The Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds will headline the airshow at EAA AirVenture in July. The nine-jet formation team last appeared at the big show in 2016 and quickly became fan favorites, said EAA spokesman Rick Larsen. It’s the RCAF’s[…] Read this article

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