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Volume 31, Number 24b, June 11, 2024
Virgin Galactic Retires Unity, Plans Bigger Replacement
Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity space tourism vehicle has been retired after its seventh flight on Saturday, and it will be at least two years before replacement craft are ready. Unity took a pilot and four passengers to an altitude of[…]   Read this article
Alsim 'AL250 Oshkosh
In Wine And Journalism, Context Is Everything
Gewurztraminer is an interesting grape that most people think is German but actually originated in northern Italy. For those who have not had the pleasure, it’s an intensely fruity white with a floral nose and pronounced lychee and maybe a[…] Read this article

Lightspeed 'Fly your way
Piper M700 Fury Receives FIKI Certification
Piper Aircraft announced its new flagship aircraft, the M700 Fury, has received Flight into Known Icing (FIKI) certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. The M700 Fury, which was certified in March of this year, boasts impressive capabilities—including a max cruise[…] Read this article

Aviation Consumer 'Take the guesswork out...'
Owner's Fatal Crash Forces Flight School Closure, Students Left In Limbo
At least 100 students enrolled in a South Florida flight school find themselves in a state of uncertainty after the owner of their flight school died in a plane crash, prompting the abrupt shutdown of operations. The academy’s owner, Alfredo[…] Read this article

WestJet 'UltraBasic' Fare Panned Online
WestJet has introduced a bottom-tiered economy fare it calls UltraBasic that, among other things, denies participants a carry-on bag. The new fare class, which has unleashed a storm of online backlash, is an attempt to kill two birds with one[…] Read this article

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