AEA: Trig Introduces New Nav/Comms


Image: Trig Avionics

Trig Avionics officially introduced its new TX56A and TX57A navcomms at the 2019 Aircraft Electronics Association Convention in Palm Springs, California, on Monday. The TX56A is a 10-watt unit while the TX57A is a 16-watt unit for aircraft with a 28-volt supply. Features include automatic ident decoding, two-frequency monitoring for both com and nav frequencies, and a built-in digital course deviation indicator (CDI).

The units also offer configurable databases for frequencies and identifiers via USB upload and Trig’s “Say Again” feature, which replays the last received VHF communication received. “The TX56A navcomm is a significant addition to our product family,” said Trig Avionics CEO Andy Davis. “Pilots can now install an entire Trig stack in their aircraft.”

The company is aiming to begin shipping the new navcomms later this summer. List price for the TX56A is $3,595. The TX57A is priced at $4,395. The company also debuted a new CDI, called the TI106, and the TA50, a compact GPS antenna.