Airworthy Autogas For General Aviation?


An Arizona-based company Wednesday said that it plans this year to produce and distribute a 93-octane premium unleaded, ethanol-free fuel as an avgas alternative for aircraft that do not require 100LL. Airworthy AutoGas, LLC, says its “high purity, low vapor pressure” fuel will be available beginning late this year. Bringing the fuel to market will provide “an alternative for the majority of general aviation aircraft without compromising airworthiness,” according to Mark Ellery, the company’s director of business development. The company says its decision to produce and market the fuel was driven by dramatic changes in automotive gasoline in recent years and a goal “to get pilots flying more, for less.”

While ethanol-free automotive gasoline has previously been widely available, in recent years automotive formulations have changed to include ethanol to combat emissions, according to the company. That along with inconsistencies in the fuel across geographic regions and due to seasonal influences were seen by Airworthy AutoGas as significant concerns that the company argues could make traditional autofuel unsuitable for use in aircraft. Airworthy AutoGas uses a patent-pending formulation that it says “meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D4814, Lycoming Engines SI-1070 ‘S’ specifications and the numerous EAA and Petersen Aviation Supplemental Type Certificates.”