AOPA Offers Aircraft Financing For Flying Clubs


Flying clubs purchasing aircraft can now obtain special financing from AOPA, the association announced Wednesday. AOPA Aviation Finance Co. offers four options for start-up clubs and existing clubs shopping for additional aircraft. “Flying clubs offer pilots of all skill levels the benefit of shared aircraft ownership and a ready-made community of like-minded aviators,” said Adam Meredith, president of AOPA Aviation Finance Co. “We’re excited to offer these new financing options to flying clubs, whether it’s just a couple of pilots with a single airplane or hundreds of pilots who fly a variety of aircraft.”

Two of the packages are tailored for start-up clubs, offering 15-year loan terms with interest rates ranging from 5 to 7 percent and down payments from 15 to 30 percent. Existing clubs can apply for a 10-year loan with no personal guarantee and higher down payments required. The financing is part of AOPA’s campaign to encourage pilots to form flying clubs. Clubs can learn more from AOPA Aviation Finance at 1-800-62-PLANE, or visit Flying Club Finance here.