Avidyne Announces MLB100 ADS-B Traffic And Weather System


In a growing market of ADS-B solutions, Avidyne Corporation has announced the MLB100ADS-B traffic and flight information system-an ADS-B solution designed for interface with the company’s recently certified IFD540 slide-in GPS navigator. The single-box MLB100, which is priced at $2495, is a 978MHz datalink receiver that offers full ADS-B traffic input capability when interfaced with a mandate-compliant ADS-B position and broadcast source, including the Avidyne AXP340 transponder and IFD540 WAAS GPS navigator combination. The MLB100 also receives a variety of FIS-B ADS-B weather products. The MLB100 doesn’t have ADS-B output capability, but is instead intended to interface with other products in the Avidyne line.

According to Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s chief operating officer, the IFD540, AXP340 and MLB100 combination offers a full-up ADS-B solution that meets the 2020 ADS-B mandate. “Our AXP340 Mode S transponder provides ADS-B Out to comply with the 2020 mandate and the MLB100 gives U.S.-based customers a low-cost ADS-B In solution for traffic, plus the ability to receive weather data without monthly subscription costs,” he said.

The MLB100 is also compatible with the company’s EX600 and EX500 multi-function display, in addition to the EX5000 display used in the Avidyne Entegra integrated avionics suite. Avidyne display systems that are already in service will require a field-loadable software upgrade to accommodate the MLB100 data stream. Avidyne says the system is expected to be available in early 2015.

Avidyne isn’t alone in the ADS-B market. Garmin, BendixKing and FreeFlight Systems all offer a variety of mandate-approved solutions.

For more on the MLB100 and other Avidyne products, visit Avidyne.com.