Avilution To Demo Flight System Prototype At Sun ‘n Fun


Avilution LLC, which is developing software for a new flight management system, will demonstrate a prototype with a Zenith CH750 at Sun ‘n Fun in Florida next week. The eXtensible Flight System will initially target the experimental aircraft market, Avilution founder Mark Spencer told AVweb via email. “However, we are architecting, designing and writing the software such that we could achieve DO-178C certification in the future should the market demand a certificated product. XFS is also an easy fit for flight simulators and unmanned aerial vehicles where the barriers to entry are much smaller.” The Zenith demonstration aircraft will allow Avilution to get input on its prototype from software developers, homebuilders, vendors and other potential buyers. “The price will largely depend upon the product mix that customers at the show decide they want us to produce,” Spencer said.

The system is designed to be customized and compatible with a variety of avionics installations. In its simplest form, it can be used to replace analog annunciators such as engine and electrical controls. “Now an aircraft will not become grounded just because hardware may have become obsolete,” said Paul Coleman, director of flight operations and chief test pilot for Avilution. “In addition to being future proof, the XFS architecture also offers unparalleled cost-savings, functionality, compatibility and flexibility when compared to any other integrated flight system.