Blackhawk Working On Fastest King Air Program


Flight testing is formerly underway to create what Texas-based modifier Blackhawk expects to be the world’s fastest King Air. The latest STC project includes retrofitting Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A engines to replace the stock PT6A-60A engines on 12,500-pound and 14,000-pound gross weight models of the King Air 300, of which there are roughly 300 in service.

“The XP76A engines will transform the King Air 300 from a turboprop into a rocket ship,” said Jim Allmon, president and CEO at Blackhawk. Both engines are rated at 1050 HP at sea level in standard conditions and due to the aircraft’s lighter-weight airframe, the company expects maximum cruise speeds of 345 to 350 knots true, and time to climb from sea level to FL350 in under 17 minutes.

The King Air 300 XP76A upgrade kit will include two factory-new PT6A-67A engines and a new engine warranty of five years or 2500 hours, installation drawings, STC paperwork and approved flight manual supplement. The mod also includes entitlement training from Flight Safety International for PT6A line maintenance.

In its press briefing Blackhawk didn’t offer definitive pricing for the mod, which could take up to 10 months to certify under Part 23, but buyers with qualifying core PT6A-60A engines will be issued a credit of $70 per hour, per engine for time remaining to the 3600-hour TBO. The company is offering a $50,000 pre-certification discount for orders placed prior to the STC approval.

Incidentally, Blackhawk recently achieved the milestone of selling 800 engine upgrades for a variety of King Air models. For more, visit