Cessna Flies Production TTx


The first flight of a production Cessna Corvalis TTx — the plane Cessna bills as “the world’s fastest fixed-gear, single-engine piston aircraft in production” — took place on Saturday, March 2, at Independence, Kan., the company announced Wednesday. The Cessna turbocharged TTx evolved from the Corvalis (previously Columbia) line. Cessna says the plane is the first to fly with Garmin G2000 14 avionics. The power plant for the four-seater is a 310-hp Continental TSIO-550-C engine that the company says will pull the plane to a maximum cruise speed of 235 KTAS. Saturday’s flight took the aircraft to 17,000 feet and “a speed of 213 kts,” according to the company.

The TTx best range of 1250 nm (with reserves) comes while flying at 25,000 feet (its operating ceiling) at 45-percent power and carrying a payload of no more than 388 pounds. Maximum payload is 700 pounds. The aircraft is not pressurized. According to the company, maximum takeoff weight is 3,600 pounds and maximum landing weight is 3,420 pounds. Cessna announced at Sun ‘n Fun 2012 that it had started production of the TTx. Along with Garmin G2000 avionics, Cessna has also incorporated Garmin’s Electronic Stability Protection System (ESP), which is designed “to help pilots keep the high-performance aircraft operating within the normal flight envelope.” The aircraft comes with an option for a flight into known icing system. Prior non-production examples have already logged 339 hours in the air.