Cessna Rolls Out First New Citation Sovereign


Cessna rolled out its first New Citation Sovereign in Wichita this week, sporting new winglets and new Pratt & Whitney PW306D engines. The airplane was announced at the NBAA show in October, and is one of six new Cessna models expected to start deliveries this year. The airplane, which typically seats nine in the cabin, can fly an extra 150 nm compared to the prior model, for a total range of 3,000 nm. Cessna says short-runway performance is also improved. Type certification and first deliveries are expected this fall.

The airplane also features upgraded cabin cooling, Garmin G5000 avionics with auto throttles, a new cabin management system, and a maximum cruise speed of 458 knots. The winglets enable the jet to climb direct to 45,000 feet and also contribute to the increased range, according to Cessna. “This rollout today is proof of Cessna’s commitment to bringing new products to customers in 2013, and demonstrates our strong investment in the future,” said Kelly Reich, business leader for the project.